Because all journeys are better with a guide.

Start or reinvigorate your own writing journey through developmental editing, coaching, or beta reading today.

With a focus on collaboration and empathy, we’ll work together to strengthen your manuscript and writing practice.

Here For You

Writing, like hiking, is always better with company. Whether you’re perfecting your manuscript to pitch to agents, or in the first step of your indie publishing journey, I love helping writers bring their work to the world.

I provide developmental editing, manuscript and chapter assessments, coaching, and beta reading services for writers of romance, fantasy, and historical fiction. Specialties within these genres include:

  • High/Epic Fantasy
  • Quiet/Cozy Fantasy
  • Fabulism & Contemporary Fantasy
  • Mythic Fantasy & Fairytale Retellings
  • Historical Romance
  • Fantasy Romance
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Ancient Greek and Roman Historical Fiction
  • 20th Century Historical Fiction
  • Medieval Historical Fiction
  • Speculative and Fantasy Historical Fiction

“Carla is a sensitive and intelligent editor who has a knack for seeing both exactly what the story is and exactly what the story needs. Working with her over several projects has been an absolute joy and, more than once, she’s helped me out of a plot hole or through a writing slump that I never would have resolved alone. With her deep understanding of my genres (science fiction and fantasy), she always has a new angle to offer or idea to suggest. And most importantly, she works hard to make sure I’m always happy with the direction the project is going. If you’re considering working with her, I’d wholeheartedly recommend it! She’s the best!”

A. A. Woods, SFF Author

“Carla’s services were better than other developmental editing services I’ve used. Why? I did not have to wade through track changes in a 90,000-word document. I received thorough, incisive, valuable feedback on every aspect of my novel in a clear, direct analysis. Carla organizes her feedback in a scene-by-scene breakdown AND big picture Cliff Notes-style evaluation. Seeing how she summarized every scene and suggested what to add or what to cut was useful and easy for me to digest without feeling overwhelmed. She got me out of a rut and excited to work on my book again!”

Samantha Steven, “The Petting Zoo”