Book Coaching

Book coaching combines the holistic advice and global feedback of a developmental edit with empathetic mentorship to help you grow your craft.

We’ll use Zoom to check in and discuss your progress and challenges, alongside manuscript assessments provided in real time as you progress through your WIP. Coaching can commence with just an idea, an outline, or a first draft: wherever you are in your journey, I would love to help!

Book Coaching

Book Coaching can encompass:

  • Developmental support and real-time feedback on your work-in-progress
  • Exercises to build foundational craft skills, characterization, worldbuilding, and more
  • Recommended reading (craft and genre) to supplement your writing
  • Tailored to you! Coaching can encompass all of these elements, just a few, or something not mentioned here! We’ll figure out the best way for you to bring words to the page.

Monthly Package


Following the goals and challenges identified in our initial consultation, we’ll embark together on a month-long writing journey! This package includes:

  • Early-check in: A 1-hour Zoom meeting to discuss your writing goals for the month and any internal and external challenges that your foresee. We can also brainstorm ideas or discuss trouble spots in your WIP.
  • Mid-month Review: I’ll read and respond to writing, outlining, or exercises completed up to this point, with in-line comments, ideas, and suggestions.
  • End-of-Month Review: A second round of feedback of your next set of writing, outlines, or exercises!
  • End-of-Month Check-in: We’ll check back in with a second 1-hour Zoom session to discuss both sets of writing feedback, any questions that arose for you as a writer, and develop a plan for you to continue your writing journey.

Individual Sessions


Have a more direct writing goal, or don’t need to commit to a full month of coaching? We can also work together on an hourly basis, as often or sporadic as you like! Individual coaching sessions are typically 30-60 minutes via Zoom.

I’ll bring professional editorial experience and an empathetic ear to help you brainstorm an idea, break out of writer’s block, work through a specific problem in your manuscript, or develop your writing practice.