Writing and Editing Tips, Book Reviews, and More

Writing and Drafting

Conscious and Inclusive Language Collection by Crystal Shelly, editor and conscious language expert at Rabbit with a Red Pen

The Mythcreant Podcast
Check out the Mythcreats for practical writing advice on all aspects of story craft, as well as deep-dive critiques into what makes popular books tick.

Fated Mates Podcast
A podcast on all things romance, hosted by a romance writer and editor. Excellent for keeping up with new releases and trends within romance, but plenty of deep-dives on craft for writers as well.

What Do Writers Need to Describe? at Mythcreants

Nods, Smiles, and Frowns: How Can We Avoid “Talking Heads”…and Cliches? by Jami Gold for Writers Helping Writers

How to Write a Scene: The Definitive Guide to Scene Structure by Joe Bunting at the Write Practice

Punctuation in Dialogue by The Editor’s Blog

The Basics of Point of View for Fiction Writers from Jane Friedman

Deep POV: 6 Key Details to Use in the Beginning of a Book (and Beyond!) by Joslyn Chase for the Write Practice

Reimagining Conflict by Marie Brennan for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association

I Wasn’t Born Yesterday: The Beauty of Backstory by Eleanor Henderson for Poets and Writers

The Business of Writing

The Self-Publishing Spotlight Podcast
Great insight into current indie authors and their writing/publishing journeys.

Indie Pub 101 from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association

Writer Beware
A long-running and excellent resource manned by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association

QueryTracker and AgentQuery
Free resources to research and find literary agents.

Manuscript Wish List
Wondering if your story is exactly what a particular agent needs? Find out here!

Editing and Revising

Hiring an Editor: A Guide for New Authors by the Editorial Freelancers Association

Revision in Writing: How to Improve Between Drafts by Now Novel

Book Reviews

MetaStellar Free Friday Reviews
(Contributing reviewer; this series reviews the opening chapters of Amazon’s weekly Top 10 Free SFF novels)

Threadneedle by Cari Thomas

BookTok’s Top Fantasy Romance Books for 2022

A Psalm for the Wild-Built by Becky Chambers

Alone by Megan Freeman